29. 09. 2021

New country, new market, new opportunities: ABC in Uzbekistan

We are excited to share that we expanded our markets by including Uzbekistan in the list of ABC operating countries.

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia with the population of 34 million people, which counts for 46% of Central Asia’s population. Until 2016 it was internationally isolated country which led to economic stagnation and very limited level of modernization.

ABC opened the country in its “new era” when the market requires our services. Until now 6 projects we have already implemented and another one is running. Our first project in this country was fully remote healthcheck. Since then COVID situation stabilized in the country and the following 5 projects were delivered onsite, which gave us an opportunity to explore new country and meet all main market players.

We have worked with three banks on the market, all of which are the market leaders in some area. While working with these clients ABC covered the following areas:

  • Digitalization of lending, credit risks tools development: Design/review of the lending origination process, Development of scorecards, antifraud approach, other credit risk tools and incorporation into the process;
  • Review of Collections and recommendations on how to improve it form the perspective of processes, platforms and people;
  • IT review and roadmap: review of current situation, definition of to-be state and a roadmap for Business priorities, IT architecture, Operational IT model and TI infrastructure.
  • AML Strategy: roadmap with initiatives focused on automation of AML checks and decrease of the risk.
  • Automation of AML checks in Ataccama platform: Incorporation of current manual AML checks into the tool to automate the checks.

As visible from the topics, we have delivered both business and IT/data projects where we cooperated with our colleagues from Adastra Russia and Adastra Czech.


delivered projects and 1 running