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Data Office as a Service

Transform your approach to data management by establishing a Data Office within your organization with the expert guidance of ABC. As a comprehensive entity responsible for all facets of data management, from governance to analytics, the Data Office is pivotal in turning your data challenges into strategic assets. With ABC's consulting services, you gain immediate access to a wealth of expertise from seasoned data analysts, data governance specialists, and strategy consultants, all without incurring long-term costs.

What we do
  1. Review of Current Organizational Structure: Conduct a comprehensive review of your current organizational structure, data platforms, and data management practices. This includes thorough documentation of existing processes and procedures.
  2. Definition of Data Office Operating Model: Work collaboratively to define the operating model and functions of the Data Office, tailoring it to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization.
  3. Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities: Identify roles and responsibilities, offering the option to fill gaps with ABC's own experts or proposing a skilling plan to enhance your team's capabilities.
What will you get
  1. Instant Expertise: Tap into the knowledge pool of our experienced professionals, providing immediate expertise on data governance without the burden of long-term commitments. You will be able to understand cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless compatibility with the most advanced data platforms and analytics tools, keeping your organization at the forefront of data management capabilities.
  2. Data Office Operating Model: Receive a well-defined operating model for your Data Office, providing clarity on its functions and structure.
  3. Compliance and Security Assurance: Safeguard your organization from legal pitfalls with our focus on compliance and security. Ensure that your data practices align with global and regional regulations.
  4. Change Management Plan: Implement the Data Office seamlessly within your organization with a tailored change management plan.
  5. Skilling Plan: Attain in-house data management expertise with a skilling plan designed to empower your team and enhance their capabilities.

With ABC, embark on a transformative journey where your data becomes a strategic asset. Partner with us to establish and optimize your Data Office, unlocking the full potential of your organization's data resources.