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Data Governance

Data Governance Assessment

Start your data governance journey with ABC by assessing your current data maturity. Our assessment provides insights to improve data management, ensure compliance, and strategically leverage data across your organization.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will:

  1. Establish an Unbiased Baseline: Gain a clear understanding of the current state of data governance practices in your organization. This unbiased baseline simplifies goal setting and facilitates the measurement of progress over time.
  2. Align Data Governance Strategy: Ensure harmony across all stakeholders by aligning them with a unified data governance strategy. This alignment ensures that everyone shares the same priorities and comprehends the necessary steps for implementation.
  3. Have a Clear Plan to Improve Data Maturity: Receive a clear recommendations for elevating the data maturity in your organization. This strategic vision guides the progressive enhancement of your data governance practices.

What we do
  1. Review Using the 4P Framework: Thoroughly examine the data governance landscape using the proven 4P Framework (Processes, People, Platform, Policies).
  2. In-Depth Interviews: Engage with all relevant data governance stakeholders, including data owners. Conduct a detailed review of pertinent materials.
  3. Quantitative Data Analysis: Analyze data samples to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current situation.
  4. Define Maturity Level: Determine the maturity level of your existing data governance practices.

Usual engagement duration: 4-6 weeks

Extended scope includes:

  1. Review of Data Strategy & Architecture: Assess the current state of data strategy and architecture.
  2. Technical Assessment: Delve into technical aspects such as enterprise architecture, data extraction from source systems, ETL processes, automation.

Levels of Data Maturity

What will you get
  1. Data Governance Assessment Report: A comprehensive overview of the current state of data governance, the entire data life cycle, existing Data Quality Framework assessment, and an exploration of potential tools with prioritization.
  2. Maturity Level and Benchmarking: Insights derived from workshops to gauge your organization's maturity level and benchmark it against industry standards.
  3. Gap List and Recommendations: Identify gaps and receive actionable recommendations based on interview inputs.

Extended deliverables:

  1. Technical Assessment Report: A detailed analysis of the technical aspects of your data landscape.
  2. Current Data & IT Architecture Report: An in-depth report on the existing data and IT architecture.


4P Framework


Assessment Scores