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About Us

We help organizations' improve business results with a focus on innovations. We succeed only when our clients succeed.

Our Approach

At Adastra Business Consulting, we believe it's always worth doing the right thing and the only measurement of our success are the results of our customers. We embrace ambition to lead and courage to adapt as the key values of future leaders. We develop talent with exceptional human qualities, willing to challenge themselves and become outstanding leaders who shape organizations accross the world.

Our success was built on credibility, professionalism and the moral integrity of our consultants demonstrated during every project. For more than a decade, we have been continuously developing our competencies, broadening our network of clients, consultants and alumni and widening regional coverage. I am proud of what we have achieved together with our clients and I am looking forward to teaming up with our customers in addressing new challenges with their business as it comes.

Miroslav Kolar, CEO

Our Values

Our values distinguish us from others. We built our strategy and shape our day-to-day decisions based on the following 4 core values:


We are passionate about delivering tangible results for clients. We succeed only when our clients do. It is our mission to determine the best approach tailored for the needs of every client and to maximize delivered results.


We believe that success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. We work harder so that you can focus on the myriad of other things demanding your attention, all the time knowing that we are giving your project 120% of ours.


We believe that long-term relationships with our clients are based on honest, open communication. Being forthright with you on the challenges in front of you and dictating the right steps forward. It is not always easy.


We know that success is based on integrity, respect and team work. It is team cooperation that pushes an organization forward and while we appreciate every success that is realized, we don't forget to share the recognition with others.

Meet Our People

"One of the most special things about working for Adastra Business Consulting is that it allows within the same day to discuss strategic changes with the board members of the biggest banks in the region and later switch the floor and end up discussing with a call center operator, understanding the job is being done and improve overall productivity of the department. This is how we function and I just like it!"

Mihaela Todica, Engagement Manager

Management team

Miroslav Kolar


Maksim Demenkov

Associate Partner

Tomas Wolf

Engagement Manager

Michal Bodnar

Associate Partner

Valerii Krasnov

Engagement Manager

Member of Adastra Group

Adastra Group is a privately owned international consulting company that delivers complex solutions, facilitating the transition to the digital era. It focuses on Business Consulting services, Data Analysis, Data Warehouse building, Business Intelligence solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial intelligence (AI), Application Development, including Web and Mobile platforms, or consulting of marketing and creative strategies.


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