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Data Governance

Data Governance Framework Design & Roadmap

By executing a well-planned data governance implementation, we help organizations gain control over their data landscape, harmonize their data sources, and create a foundation for driving organizational growth and innovation.

We will create a roadmap for implementing Data Governance in your organization and prepare policies and processes to guide you towards data-driven innovation.


What we do
  1. Target TO-BE Data Governance Framework: Develop a comprehensive framework that spans all 4Ps (Processes, People, Platform, Policies) and covers 11 knowledge areas.
  2. Business Requirements for Data Management Tools: Identify business needs for data management tools and create functional specifications to guide tool selection.
  3. Technological and Business Feasibility Verification: Ensure alignment with current technological and business feasibility, catering to the specific requirements derived from use cases.
  4. Implementation Roadmap Preparation: Develop a detailed roadmap that addresses both Data Architecture and Data Governance aspects.

Usual engagement duration: 1-2 months

Extended scope includes:

  1. Business Requirements Gathering for Target Data Strategy & Data Architecture: Understand and document the business requirements for the future state of data strategy and architecture.
  2. Target TO-BE Data Architecture Model Preparation: Create a forward-looking data architecture model aligned with your organization's goals.
What will you get
  1. Data Governance Framework:
  • Definition of data domains and a clear data ownership model
  • Organizational structure and roles for Data Governance, including Data Owners and Data Stewards, with defined principles of assignment
  • Policies and standards (one per knowledge area) with a comprehensive catalog
  • Process groups (one per knowledge area) with a detailed catalog
  1. Consolidated Business and Technical Requirements: A detailed document outlining the business and technical requirements essential for your data landscape.
  2. Implementation Roadmap: A strategic plan detailing the steps for successful implementation, covering both Data Architecture and Data Governance.

Extended deliverables:

  1. Data & IT Landscape Design: A holistic design of your data and IT landscape, ensuring optimal alignment with your organizational objectives.
  2. Target Data & IT Architecture: A forward-looking blueprint for your data and IT architecture, reflecting your organization's evolving needs.