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Business Innovation

Transforming industries with new technologies

Adastra helps organizations to innovate business models utilizing benefits of new technlogies to fit changing customer behaviour and expectations. We help organizations to assess different innovation approaches and strategies, align key stakeholders, create a roadmap for innovation and manage end to end delivery of the innovations including technical delivery and changes in organization structure and company culture necessary for sustainable development of the business.

Our Services

At the begining, we assess your current business model, available resources, innovation ideas and development roadmap. Then, we focus on the formulation of achievable innovation ambitions and goals, separated into smaller prioritized initiatives and programs incrementally bringing business value. Once the programs are aligned, we help to prepare an organization for the changes addressing talent needs, culture changes or operating model adjustments. Our IT consulting division also covers technology requirements.

Ideas Definition

We help to understand where to be exceptional.

Roadmap preparation

Delivery of business value incrementally in smaller initiatives.

Organization Building

Facilitating organizational, cultural and operational adjustments to fit new business models.

Technology delivery

End to end delivery of technology adjustments.

Meet Our Experts

Daniel Neradný

Competence Leader for Digitalization