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Data Strategy & Monetization

Empower your organization's growth with a robust Data Strategy designed to provide a comprehensive framework for development teams, enhancing data management and fostering innovation. Crafting precise Data requirements is key to elucidating the drivers behind your strategy and identifying potential obstacles in its implementation.

At ABC, our approach encompasses all facets of Data Governance, enabling you to construct a future-proof strategy that embraces shared responsibility, cutting-edge platforms, streamlined processes, and robust underlying policies. Our Data Strategy not only focuses on efficient data management but also explores strategic avenues for data monetization.


Evolution of CDO role, according to Gartner

What we do
  1. Align Data Objectives Across Business Units: Harmonize data objectives and motivation to ensure a unified vision across your organization.
  2. Data Strategy & Data Architecture Review: Conduct a thorough assessment of your current data strategy and architecture, transitioning to a future state with a TO-BE design.
  3. Feasibility Study: Perform a feasibility study based on meticulously gathered business and technical requirements.
  4. Implementation and Migration Project Definition: Define a clear roadmap for the implementation and migration projects.

Usual engagement duration: 1-2 months

What will you get
  1. Data Strategy Document (3-5 Year Horizon): A comprehensive roadmap with prioritization for quick wins over the next 3-5 years. Coverage includes Master Data Management, Reference Data Management, Data Quality Management, Metadata Management, Data Privacy, and an AI/ML strategy.
  2. Overview of Data Governance Tools: A detailed overview of potential tools for Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Management, including cloud providers and considerations for a data hybrid architecture, all with prioritization.
  3. Data Monetization Use Cases: Real-world use cases illustrating how your data can be strategically leveraged for monetization.

At ABC, we are dedicated to helping you not just navigate but thrive in the evolving data landscape. Partner with us to transform your data strategy into a powerful driver for success.