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Data Governance

Data Governance Platform Implementation

Experience a seamless transition to enhanced data governance with our comprehensive implementation guidance. Our team, composed of vendor-certified professionals, ensures a smooth implementation process and provides ongoing support, minimizing business disruption.

What we do
  1. Business Glossary, Data Catalog, and Data Quality Rule Configuration: Configure essential components such as Business Glossary, Data Catalog, and Data Quality rules to lay a solid foundation.
  2. Definition of Ownership & Stewardship Structure: Clearly define the ownership and stewardship structure of data within the Data Governance (DG) platform.
  3. Technical Implementation: Execute the technical implementation, including DG platform installation, thorough testing, stabilization, and a seamless go-live process.
  4. Post-Implementation Support: Provide comprehensive support post-implementation, including training for the DG team on platform configuration and business user training on effective platform utilization.

Usual engagement duration: POC (for selected cases) – 1 month, MVP (for selected cases) - 3 months, scaling 3-6 months

What will you get
  1. Implemented DG Platform and Solution Design: A fully implemented Data Governance platform with a comprehensive solution design covering both functional and technical aspects.
  2. Deep Knowledge Transfer: Benefit from in-depth knowledge transfer as we collaborate during the project, empowering your team with the skills needed for ongoing management.
  3. Roadmap for Further Development: Receive a roadmap outlining the future development of the DG tool and the next phases of Data Governance solution implementation.

At ABC, we go beyond implementation; we empower your organization with the knowledge and tools needed for sustained success in data governance. Partner with us to ensure a smooth and efficient data governance journey.


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