Sometimes ago people in Adastra, one of the leading IT consultancy companies, decided to expand beyond delivering solutions for IT to offer solutions to more complex business problems. They named the new project simply, ABC (Adastra Business Consulting). Today ABC is a seasoned business consultancy company delivering its services in three principal areas: Risk Management, Sales and process optimization, and we are here to stay and to grow.


We have been tested by time. ABC have proven that the idea of having a business consulting arm is capable to grow on its own. With over 150 projects in 30 countries successfully delivered to our clients, we have proven to be capable to adjust to ever changing reality of business world. What is important for us is, that the growth is not visible just in spreadsheets and numbers but also on our people. In a process we managed to bypass regional limitations and reach to the world.


We started our journey almost ten years ago as consultancy firm for Central and Eastern Europe. Today we have delivered project on four continents with a clear goal, to become a synonym for expertise in Banking Credit Risk. In course of time we partnered with diverse portfolio of brands reaching global stage and together with them we are becoming more and more a global brand.