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Data Governance

Data Governance Program Implementation

Empower your organization with ABC's comprehensive support for solution implementation, encompassing meticulous planning, pilot design, scaling activities, and steadfast post-implementation assistance. As partners with esteemed data governance tool vendors, we excel in orchestrating Proof of Concept (POC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) executions for selected cases. Our team boasts vendor-certified experts, ensuring a seamless implementation process.


What we do
  1. Finalizing Key Use Cases and Pilot Designs:Strategic tool selection, defining scope, and resource planning for effective implementation.
  2. Initiating DG Projects:
  • Identifying project teams and key participants from the business.
  • Assigning Data Governance roles and preparing policies and job descriptions.
  1. Preparing and Configuring IT Environment: Creating a robust IT infrastructure to support the implementation.
  2. Piloting Designed Processes: Executing pilot programs in alignment with key goals.
  3. Operating and Monitoring DG Business Cases:
  • Vigilantly overseeing Data Governance business cases
  • Evaluating efficiency and proposing improvements
  1. Supporting Scaling Activities: Providing ongoing support for scaling initiatives.

Usual engagement duration: 3-6 months for the pilot phase, additional 12 months for the scaling phase

What will you get
  1. Proof of Concept Design and Implementation: A customer tailored design and execution of the Proof of Concept plan.
  2. Evaluation of PoC Results: Thorough assessment and insights derived from Proof of Concept results.
  3. Scaling Support: Ongoing assistance to facilitate and support scaling activities.

At ABC, we are committed to ensuring the success of your data governance initiatives, from the initial Proof of Concept through the scaling phase. Partner with us to turn your data governance aspirations into tangible and impactful realities.