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Production Optimization

Using Advanced Analytics to improve production efficiency

With increasing pressure from the market to reduce costs and improve quality, finding efficiencies in plant operations is top of mind for manufacturers. Modern Digital Factories are turning to their aggregated production data to predict and remediate operational waste, maximizing their profits.

We provide end to end solutions that will enhance your operations

AI Powered Maintenance Guide

Speed-up your maintenance process with chatbot like maintenance guide.

Manufacturing Sequence Optimization

Maximize your manufacturing process outputs using AI powered manufacturing sequence arrangement.

Predictive Production Line Maintenance

Decrease your unscheduled production down times and maintenance costs with predictive machinery maintenance.

Production Quality Anomalies Detection

Use AI to detect possible upcoming issues with quality of manufactured products.

AI Powered Maintenance Guide

Production machines occasionally have sudden issues that stops production. Speed of the maintenance action determine, how long the down time of the machines will be. Standard maintenance actions consisting of the identification of the issue, determining the possible solution to fix the issue and then fixing the issue.

Our tablet/smartphone chatbot like AI-powered solution can help you to speed up the maintenance process. The solution will be based on the historical data and provide issue descriptions that determine the most likely root cause of the issue and the best solution to fix it.


incident response time improvement in large CEE manufacturer

Manufacturing Sequence Optimization

Large volumes of production data and mathematical models allow factories to determine trends and hidden inefficiencies. We help organizations to re-arrange manufacturing sequences to maximize production outputs of the factories via delivery of AI models trained to evaluate parameters influencing the length of manufacturing and optimize manufacturing sequences.

The key in the process is to determine parameters influencing the length of the manufacturing process, even small changes in machinery set-up caused by changes in produced products can influence the overall production outputs. Therefore we employ IoT tools and Big Data technologies to get needed measurements for inputs into AI models.


decrease of idle time in large US manufacturer

Predictive Production Line Maintenance

Decrease your unscheduled production line down times and maintenance costs with predictive maintenance. Use data from IoT sensors measuring various dimensions of your machinary operations (including sound, temperature, pressure etc.) to develop an AI model predicting machinery faults and scheduling predictive maintenance during scheduled down times.

We help with end to end implementation of the solution including:

  • Identification where the technology could be used in your operations,
  • IoT sensors implementation,
  • Big Data plaform set-up or enhancement,
  • AI model development,
  • Delivery of box solution ready to be integrated into your IT systems

Production Quality Anomalies Detection

Gather and analyze large volumes of products quality measurements as well as other production line and machinery data to predict upcoming quality issues and recommend proactive correction measures before the quality issues starts realizing.

Our AI powered quality control automation solution helps manufacturers to improve the quality of the manufacturing outputs and decrease manual work associated with quality control measurement assessment. 

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