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Omni Channel Campaigns

Technology is more & more integrated into our daily lives. Even as you read this website, you probably have several communication channels that you regularly use within your reach.

And as people change their habits, companies will need to react. Instead of thinking separately of call centers, branches, or digital channels, we'll need to change the approach to the omni channel one. And that pays especially for campaigns. Branches, call centers, digital channels, all need to be part of one communication flow following a common goal. 

One of the advantages of ABC in this area is being the part of Adastra Group, which enables us to deliver a broad spectrum of activities, including but not limited to IT solutions to channels integration, marketing campaign creativity or advanced campaign solutions such as personalized videos.

Moreover, our understanding of risk as a closely related topic to campaign management enables us to review eligibility, scoring, limit setting, and other related topics to x-sell and campaign management.

Our Services

Campaigns Tool Implementation

Implementation of omni channel campaign management toolkit into enterprise IT infrastructure.

Probability to Buy models (PtB)

Preparation of predictive models identifying customer segments with higher probability to buy the given product.

Next Best Offer or Action (NBO, NBA)

Set-up campaign logic using predictive models defining best product offer for particular customer to maximize profit.

Triggered Event Campaigns

Set-up a process able to react to near real-time customer needs detected from their current behavior.

Our standard projects also covers the following areas:

  • Review and optimization of organization structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Definition of requirements for system support and data storage
  • Definition of KPIs and incentive scheme adjustments
  • Reporting design and implementation
  • Communication strategy and processes review and optimization
  • Campaign piloting in Champion Challanger mode

Campaign Precision vs. Campaign Complexity