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Personalized Videos

With the latest video editing technologies and tools, we can efficiently prepare tailor-made personalized videos for target audiences and individual customers.

The essence of a personalized video is a combination of a versatile creative with unique person-specific data. Such a video delivers the relevant content, and at the same time it makes the viewer feel that it has only been created for them.


Personalized CTAs can provide 42% higher conversion rate. (Triblio)

Our Services

Personalized videos rendering platform

End to end technical solution for creation and rendering personalized videos.

Creative advisory and campaign set-up

Creative advisory for campaign design and support of the campaign set-up in champion challenger mode.

Solution Concept

Together with creative content, we incorporate selected personalized data, such as shopping preferences, name or selected customer events. Our digitization platform will then render tailor-made videos that will be used in selected communication channels.


Usage & Benefits

The personalized videos are a great tool to enhance your external and internal communication across company processes, including customer acquisition, loyalty & retention processes, customer education & support, collections and many other use cases. The main advantages of the solution are:

  • Functional strategic marketing with the ability to segment and target
  • Relevant, individual content, emotions & strong customer experience
  • Naturally positive perception by the client, promoting customer loyalty
  • Increase conversions and shorter purchase cycles

Twice more consumers are watching commercial messages with personalized content than non-personalized videos. (Forrester)