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Customer Value Management

Organizations with large portfolios of customers that want to succeed in the competition in saturated markets, must understand the drivers as well as the current lifetime value of their customers and actively implement innovations that increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

We help casinos and betting companies to effectively work with customer lifetime value via set-up or optimization of Customer Value Management processes or the fine tuning of PtB and other statistical models.

Our Services

CVM Health Check

Review of current CVM processes, identification of gaps and suggestions and preparation of actionable roadmap

CVM Strategy Definition and Set-up

Set-up of the overall CVM strategy, communication strategy and dedicated strategies for key player segments

Segmentation and modelling

Data analytics focused on segmentation of players portfolio into homogeneous groups for better targeting

Tools adoption

Introduction and support of business adoption of tools and features for effective customer value management

Champion Challenger pilots

We design, prepare, execute and evaluate pilots focused on improvements of customer lifetime value

Our Approach

We use our proven methodolgy to improve the customer lifetime value. We start our engagement with overall CVM health check where set of initiatives for CVM process improvements is defined. Further on we focus on implementation of initiatives with the highest expected revenue uplift.  

Within the initiatives we aim at set-up of a complex segmented strategy to work with players in every step of their lifecycle with a goal to keep them active players. Further on we focus on maximization of revenue from active players.