Casino & Gaming

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

We help casino & sports betting companies to optimize their processes, improve customer satisfaction and generate business value via introdcution of solutions based on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. 

We are able to quickly dive into your data and understand it’s quality and suitability. Then we build a proof of concept demonstrating the viability of the approach as well as the added value of a potential solution while maintaining the investment as well as keeping the risk low. After successful validation, we deploy our engineers and deliver a production-ready software solution with a complete user interface, seamless integration with your infrastructure as well as appropriate SLAs.

Our Services

Betting Suggestions

AI based personalized betting suggestions based on betting history and preferences of similar players

Attrition detection

Timely detection of the players who are likely leave to competition using advanced analytics methods

Frauds detection

Detection of frauds and anomalies in betting behavior real-time detecting complex fraud patterns via machine learning

Detection of Gambling Addiction

Advanced detection of gambling addiction in early stages via detection of complex behavioral patterns

Lifetime Value Identification

Classification of players based on their lifetime value and identification of high potential customers for further special treatment