21. 04. 2020

COVID-19 Resilient Supply Chain Planning

COVID-19 is disrupting supply chains on a scale like few crises have before. Staff shortages, restrictions in delivery routes and changes in buying patterns from one day to another.

How do you plan to overcome a sudden disruption?

Assess the situation, develop an approach for reinforcing your supply chain and continue meeting customer demands with minimized losses.

Be ready to act

Current unforeseen circumstances call for organizations to reconfigure their approach to supply chains planning. The key to minimize negative impacts of sudden disruptions is to build resilient supply chain planning tailored to operate under unplanned disruptions that will allow you to act quickly and with all needed information at hand. 

We help organizations to transform their existing supply chain planning processes into flexible, automated solutions increasing flexibility, accuracy and effectivity of the overall supply chain planning process. We deliver first results in as short as 4 weeks and work with your existing planning tool or tool from one of our technology partners:


Our Quick Response

Within 4 weeks we will help your organization to strengthen supply chain planning to accommodate to current situation. Our business and technology experts will also outline the best strategy for further enhancements of processes in the critical areas of demand forecasts, inventory plans, supplier portfolio, and cash flows following the latest trends and technologies in the area. We will also help you to coordinate and integrate your data and finances to develop contingency plans.

Where we can help your organization:

  • Assess current operations and outline recommendations
  • Adjust supply chain planning operations
  • Establish an ongoing operating capability

Why choose Adastra

Adastra Group combines deep business expertise and remarkable IT capabilities. We are your one stop shop partner for conversion of your existing planning process into a modern efficient and automated process tailored to your needs, providing your business maximal competitive advantage.

We are an experienced partner with 10+ years of hand on experience with driving of planning, forecasting and budgeting processes from business and IT perspective across industries, including continuous projects for large automotive companies.