Boost Sales using Omnichannel Digital Marketing / Adastra


24. 04. 2022

Boost Sales using Omnichannel Digital Marketing

Imagine the world where every message to the customer, being it via email, web layer or push notification is delivered at optimal time with the targeted personalized message.

No need to dream anymore. Bloomreach Engagement platform, the award-winning solution of Multichannel marketing quadrant by Gartner will offer you what you need.


Customer Data in real-time

Bloomreach Engagement - Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP) collects customer digital footprint across different channels and devices, pair these interactions using cookies and other visitors/customer attributes, so you can create thousands of personalized campaigns with several clicks.

Omnichannel orchestration of online and offline channels

After having interaction data in the platform, further real-time analytics and visitors retargeting is executed on-line using communication channels and overall campaign management eco-system. The Bloomreach Engagement offers the possibility to see a customer from all angles that bring higher precision in customer targeting. Automation allow your marketers to focus on the content rather than on the execution of the campaigns.


Benefits of multichannel campaign management


ABC can provide not only the implementation of Bloomreach Engagement as a tool, but also setting up all the necessary components for the campaigns, e.g. execution of the customer journey, development of the ML models supporting the decisioning process or proposing the proper organizational structure. One of the most common components we have experience with is the development of the Next Best Action model, which can in real-time digest the information about client’s product set, the products’ profitability and client’s behavior and based on that suggest the best next offer to be given to the client.