Risk Advisory


As the business environment is continuously changing and channels into a financial ecosystem are being rapidly digitized, it has become impossible for human beings to pick up suspicious patterns and detect illicit money flows. The AML measures and way of operation have to adjust.

Anti-money laundering processes thus have to be quickly upgraded to utilize huge volumes of customer data, account data and transaction data. To keep up with criminals, the AML systems need to be able to use AI/ML algorithms and models detecting potential threats in exponentially increasing and complex AML schemes.

Our Services

AML Process Set-Up & Optimization

We help our clients to set-up new or optimize existing AML and eKYC processes.

Identity Verification & eKYC

Use automated, reliable verification of consumer or business information with user experience in focus.

Sanctions, PEPs and Enforcement Data

Connect to a comprehensive database of sanctions, enforcement and global PEP lists.

Account and Payment Screening

Identify relationships throughout the customer lifecycle and detect AML risks with automated account and payment screening.