Enterprise Operations Due Diligence / Adastra

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Enterprise Operations Due Diligence

Our industry experts help investors to perform detailed on-site reviews of company operations in order to properly evaluate risks and opportunities associated with the planned investment.

How the Assessment Is Performed?

After an initial alignment with investors on the goals of the assessment and timing, our team works on-site with employees of the evaluated company to:

  • Perform interviews with management to understand company processes,
  • Perform on-site floor visits to observe operational process execution,
  • Review available documents as well as managerial and operational reporting,
  • Review system support and enterprise IT architecture,
  • Extract data necessary for the performance of needed data analyses,
  • Deep analysis of available data to support/disapprove formulated hypothesis.

What Can You Expect From the Assessment?

The ultimate output of our review is a comprehensive assessment report for investors following our standardized due diligence methodology summarizing:

  • As-is enterprise processes maturity,
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses of the evaluated company,
  • Assessment of human potential and skill-set of the management,
  • Maturity of the IT environment and internal IT delivery capabilities,
  • Alignmnet of the company set-up with investor goals,
  • List of potential development initiatives increasing investment value.