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Enterprise IT Architecture Due Diligence

A crisis is often a driver of progress. Companies are forced to optimize their processes and modernize technologies provided that they have the tools to do so. The crisis is your opportunity to strengthen your market position

Having outdated IT ecosystems makes your business vulnerable compared to your competition. Do you really want to wait while your competitors incorporate the latest technologies and gain the advantage?

Our Services

Adastra is your one stop partner for the conversion of existing IT ecosystems into the modern, cloud-first, secure, stable, and scalable solutions tailored to provide your business with maximal competitive advantage.


We help you to determine the state of your existing solution and required extent of modernization.

Solution Re-engineering

We approach each case individually to identify key drivers of IT landscape allowing us to define the optimal path for you.

Migration Planning

We help you carefully prepare for the transition to the proposed new IT set-up via series of smaller projects bringing value in short cycles.

Migration Implementation

Once ready, we will help you execute the migration plan prepared for your organization.