Logistics Optimization

Efficient Warehouse

Logistics is an important process which accounts for 15-20% of finished product costs. At the core of logistics is the warehouse, the vital factor which can have a major impact on the supply chain if minor missteps occur. In today’s generation, warehousing professionals are looking to new technologies to gain the visibility they need to improve efficiency, accuracy and customer service.

Our Services

Optimized stock control and lower standard shipping & packing costs are just some of the benefits of our AI powered platforms & IoT solutions. 

Typical projects we engage in the area of Efficient Warehouse are:

Stock Tracking Using Beacons

Optimize warehouse stock handling procedures with tools providing guidance on position of each item.

Loading Scheduling Optimization

Optimize the process of stock delivery or pick-up via AI powered scheduling of gate slots.

Supplier Fidelity Prediction

Employ AI to predict reliability of your suppliers and optimize the whole supply chain.

Demand Chain Optimization

Predict geographical distribution of demand for your goods and ship goods to the final destination without unnecessary re-routes.