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Business Intelligence makes it possible for organizations to collect and analyze business-related data so that managers can easily use the information to make key decisions.

An integral part of Business Intelligence (BI) is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Outputs in the form of dashboards are increasingly displayed on mobile devices and, as a result, Data Governance is more and more demanding.

Every user gets the information they need in a timely manner and in a format that’s easy to navigate on any device, from wherever they are. That’s why we offer both mobile BI and self-service BI. This makes it possible to easily access data for immediate decision-making.


According to 75% of respondents to a Dresner Advisory Services study, data storytelling will be crucial for the further development of BI in their organizations.

4 Rules for a good Business Intelligence solution

Rule 1: BI solution shows comprehensible information accustomed to the needs of different user groups

Rule 2: Provides every level of the management team with relevant information, so they can track performance of processes in their responsibility

Rule 3: BI solution will fully eliminate time-consuming manual data transformation and reporting

Rule 4: Gives organizations the possibility to effectively use events, trends, patterns, and types of behavior, as well as their detailed analysis

Our Solutions

Mobile BI

We deliver solution supporting dashboards for review from mobile devices.

Self-service BI

Let's business users to fulfill their daily analytics needs independently with self-service BI tool.

AI Driven Analytics

We’ll help you integrate SpotIQ Artificial Intelligence and also acquire all the data you need for your business decisions in just a few clicks.

AI Driven Analytics

Now, you no longer have to turn to overloaded data specialists, analysts, and IT support. Ask your company data for business facts just as you’d ask Google about everything else.

It’s not easy to know where to look for connections that aren’t visible at first sight, or wait for days for someone to create the right report. We’ll help you integrate SpotIQ Artificial Intelligence into your analytics, and so acquire all the data you need for your business decisions in just a few clicks.

Thanks to Adastra, your business will always have the required context at hand, and your data specialists will be free to carry out more advanced analysis.


In 2019, the Gartner Magic Quadrant included this solution in the quadrant of leaders among analytics and BI platforms.  


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