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Corporate Data Enrichment Tool

We will link your data with external data and prepare leads for effective business communication with your corporate clients.

Adastra in cooperation with Bisnode has developed the unique Corporate Data Enrichment Tool (CoDET) to enhance efficiency of business communication with corporate clients. The new solution uses Big Data and advanced analytics. CoDET speeds up significantly and enhances efficiency of addressing corporate clients as well as campaign and risk management in the SME segment.

Implemented by our clients, we were able to increase the density of relevant prospects in a target list by 800% (yes 8x higher); and the sold volumes increased by 300% (measured in champion-challenger mode).


higher sales volumes

How is it done? We don’t just throw algorithms at you, we first listen and diagnose where are your strengths and play into them. Are the relationship managers active in selling to municipalities? We need to look at public-benefit corporations who require funding in times of development, redevelopment, buying new machinery, equipment, or vehicles. Are your relationship managers into construction? We can investigate government, regional, municipal, or European planning, grants, and tenders. We find not only companies in the bidding, but also all transactional-connected entities. In other words, smart technology must support your competitive advantages.