Advanced Analytics & AI Implementation

Scheduling Optimization Platform

Businesses and industries are in need to solve complex planning and scheduling problems to ensure their effective operation. Big teams of operators are allocated to resolve these problems manually, which often requires significant time, effort and still can result in non-optimal solution that requires higher costs for its execution.

Our Products

Our platform automatically solves any planning, scheduling and generally optimization problem following all defined business rules, restrictions and regulations. After a couple of seconds you will know that there is a valid solution and in minutes you will receive a close-to-optimal solution for your problem.

All Employees can be connected to the platform with a multi-user access feature. Moreover, various configurations can be saved and the schedule has the possibility of manual edition if necessary.

The platform has a wide range of usage including:


reduced costs associate with scheduling

Supply Chain

Logistics optimization, vehicle routing, inventory management.


Long term capacity planning, short term operational planning, manufacturing process optimization.

Workforce Allocation

Shift planning and scheduling optimization.

Project Management

Task planning, task assignment, project portfolio optimization.