Advanced Analytics & AI Implementation

OCR Platform

Digitization and automation requires data in digital, machine readable format. OCR helps organizations to automatically process documents received in physical paper form or as image.

We provide end to end solutions for documents OCR tailored to your needs.


accuracy of our OCR is comparable with accuracy of real human.

Our Products

We deliver to our clients customized proprietary unified generic AI powered OCR platform allowing to address wide variety of OCR needs (e.g. personal IDs, bank account statements, invoices, agreements, generic documents etc.). The main features of the platform are the following:

Document Type Detection

Automatic detection of the provided document.

Image Processing & OCR

Platform will adjust images into needed structure (rotation, cropping etc.) and extract needed information in machine readable format.

Consistency Check & Fraud Detection

Consistency checks and other defined rule based or AI powered fraud detection checks are performed.

Confidence Score Calculation

Confidence score for each OCR event is calculated to determine reliability of the extracted information.

Architecture Building Blocks


REST API Interface provides all the necessary endpoints to access the service.

Recognizer performs the main logic on image processing and extracting all necessary data.

Image Processing consists of several stages e.g. alignment, noise elimination, region cropping.

Text recognition extracts the fields and their values.

Post-processing includes all necessary validations (e.g. fraud detection).

Confidence Scoring then calculates the confidence for the text recognition.

Evaluator is responsible for the evaluation of the overall OCR model accuracy and confidence.