Advanced Analytics & AI Implementation

Chatbots & Voicebots

Chatbot became a standard feature of contact centers providing a dialogue based user interface to an application. It can guide the user, collect the necessary information and provide the user with answers or services. It can automate some conversational tasks or provide an alternative to a more conventional web/app UI. Chatbot can communicate in text, voice or through a graphical UI and are therefore usable over a wide variety of channels.

We provide end to end solutions in Chatbots and Voicebots customized for your needs.


of the customer service interactions will be powered by Chatbot by 2020 (Forbes)

Our Products

We deliver to our clients customized proprietary AI powered Chatbot platform. The platform is possible to be operate as chatbot, chatbot with voice comand as well as voicebot. The main features of the platform are as following:


All major languages are supported, others are available via translation.


Chatbots are able to keep context and jump between multiple conversational topics.

Having Personality

We can define personality of your Chatbot.


Chatbots may learn automatically from user decisions and responses.

Architecture Building Blocks


Messaging platform connects Chatbot to one or more messaging channels.

Natural Language Processing understands the written text, extracts user intent, entities, and user’s sentiment.

Bot Logic steers the dialog and presents user with information pulled from Information Sources or executes Actions.

Machine Learning is used to continuously improve Chatbot’s responses and behaviour.

Road-map Best Practice