What We Know:Inbound Servicing

A happy customer is the ultimate goal of a call centre and proper inbound servicing is crucial for customer satisfaction. Improvement in service can be measured in terms of average waiting time (AWT) before the call is answered as well as productivity and the actual service delivered by the agent.

 In a typical call center, the incoming calls are classified in diverse types, according to the technical skill required to answer the call, the language, importance of the call, etc. Agents are also classified in skill groups according to the subset of call types they can handle and (perhaps) their efficiency for handling these calls. When a call arrives, it first passes through an IVR before it can reach an agent. It may be assigned immediately to an agent that can handle it or it may be put in a queue (usually one queue per one combination of call type, priority and skill). When an agent becomes available, the agent may be assigned a call from one of the queues, or may remain idle (e.g., waiting for more important calls). All these assignments are made according to some routing policy that often incorporates priority rules for the calls and agents. Besides that, also chats and emails are handled in off-peak time.

Such call center consists of 5 critical components:

  1. Customer journey design which leads customers through the other channels before contacting the contact centre.

  2. IVR is the first layer of the contact centre process that should be able to solve as many customer queries while still being simple enough.

  3. Routing strategy defines how quickly and with which agent the calling customer will be connected by setting queues, skillsets and customer prioritization.

  4. The people, their management, shifts scheduling and coverage of peaks and finally their motivation and remuneration.

  5. Processes and the ease at which the customers can get the service they expect, such as internal processes or skillsets.


The potential to optimize an inbound contact centre can be found in all the above areas of the inbound call centre process. Poor non-data driven setup of IVR can result in unnecessarily high number of calls, suboptimal customer journey design of other channels, inbound contact centre parameters related to the calling itself or shift management, but also in utilization of new tools or technologies such as voice to text analysis, agents’ emotional sentiment detection or voicebots or chatbots.




ABC has delivered numerous projects in call centre optimization with a focus on inbound servicing. We work together with the local team to understand the customer journey and optimize the same at all stages to reduce total volume of calls and improve customer satisfaction by shorter wait time and better servicing.


Examples of ABC standard project outcomes:


  • Inbound contact centre health check: In-depth discovery and analysis of the contact centre business, operations, organizational culture and identification of goals for its future model of operation. Benchmarking key performance indicators and development of a future improvement roadmap covering both quick wins and mid and long-term recommendations.

  • Customer journey redesign: ABC analyses how to use other channels then phone (sms, app notification) to proactively answer customer queries to reduce call volumes.

  • IVR redesign: ABC analyses the main call reasons and the main issues with the current IVR to redesign the IVR and decrease the volume of calls that reach call centre agents.

  • Chatbot selection and configuration: ABC has defined the business requirements, interviewed top chatbot vendors, selected the most suitable solution for the client’s needs and assisted with the implementation and the training of the chatbot.

  • Unsolved call elimination: ABC analyses top call types that lead to a follow-up call in the same day and proposed adjustments in the call scripts to decrease the volume of the follow-up calls.



For more on our Inbound Call centre related competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Jiri Matousek,

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