Business Operations

Contact Center Optimization

Contact centres consist of three key elements – people, platforms and the process connecting them. Their proper alignment is the only way to unlock the full benefit and reach optimal productivity and efficiency.

In our framework, the people dimension covers the whole HR management, KPIs, incentives, monitoring, onboarding and training, communication and quality management. The platform then covers all tools used including the dialer, CRM, contact management, chatbot, voicebot, RPA robots and many more. And then comes the process itself, which is the most complicated of those three, and covers everything from customers call list selection, contact process and reporting up to dialer setup and reporting. Only an optimal combination of all three dimensions brings the desired benefit.

Our Services

Our projects typically start with a thorough review of the specified area of sales, service or collections contact centre. By applying our Contact Centre Framework, main tangible recommendations and quick wins are identified and in cooperation with the customer, also implemented. At the end of the project, clear next steps are set-up to continue with mid-term and long-term improvements which we help to implement. 

Our typical projects are focused on:

Contact Center Health Check

Overall assessment of contact center operations maturity and preparation of improvements road map.

End-to-End Contact Center Optimization

Optimization of end to end contact center set-up (reporting, KPIs, incentives, shifting, training, QA, systems support...).

Telesales & Service-to-Sales Optimization

Set-up or optimization overall contact center driven sales processes.

Contact Center Reporting Set-Up

End to end design and implementation of operational and managerial reporting associated with contact center.

Dialer Set-up & Optimization

Fine tuning of dialer set-up in order to improve connect rate, average waiting time, abandon rate and other SLAs.

Chatbot & Voicebot Implementation

Implementation of AI powered proprietary self service chatbot platform into contact center operations.

Automated Email Classification & Replies

Implementation of NLP based tool automatically classifying incoming emails and preparing answers.

AI Powered Contact Center Scheduling

Implementation of AI powered tools for optimization of contact center shift scheduling.