Customer Value Management

ABC has a long history of helping telco companies improve income through review and improvement of their customer value management – customer value, X-sell, retention, PtB models, servicing, call center and also risk management.


Cross-industry Cooperation

Cross-industry cooperation of a financial company with a telco company to help mutually exploit portfolios, acquire new customers and improve each other’s revenues/market share or decrease risk through data monetization. The cooperation covers acquisition of non-overlapping portfolios, X-sell of cobranded products or data sharing for predictive models improvement.


Set up of Financial Business aka. Telco Lending

Support of expansion into consumer lending/banking business. Having only limited experience with credit risk management, our help in this area is requested often.


Predictive Modelling

All types of scorecards and predictive models (Application/behavioral scorecards, Churn, Resistance to changes, Probability to buy, Customer lifetime value, Value-Based Index, Household identification, Decision maker/Influencer, Promoter/Detractor, Price plan simulation, etc.).



Early collections or optimization of early collections processes, segmentation, motivation & KPIs, call center process optimization, reporting and Early warning system (EWS). Late collections & workout complete with optimization of workout process, segmentation of NPL portfolio, setup of information transfer to local authorities, setup of collections tools and skip tracing, field visit, repayment schedule, etc.


Data Management Solutions

Specific data-marts (Customer Base, Product Portfolio, Contract Management, CRM & CVM, Commissions, Network quality, Traffic analysis, and many others). Big data solutions (technical implementation of Hadoop and connections to DWH, identification of existing and new data sources in risk/business area, technical support and implementation of various data sources). Data quality solutions (Analyses and implementation of Data Quality and Master Data Management solutions).