Gaming is one of the industries where our clients benefit most from our cross functional expertize. Close cooperation between business consulting and IT divisions has proven essential, when delivering project for major Central European sportsbook, where we have been asked to review system architecture and analyze client’s portfolio. Our IT division was focused on system redesign which would be capable to accommodate new features and ready for business scale up, while business consulting unit covered analytical part with goal to maximize customers betting activity, as analyzing datasets, finding patterns and formulating hypotheses is where our business consulting team excels.


During the project we have performed following steps:




Strategy definition

For each segment, we have proposed corresponding strategy – such as waking up sleeping clients, incentivizing clients active in one domain to try out other activities or defining appropriate limits for high rollers. Strategy had short term objectives in terms of campaigns as well as long term aspect in form of loyalty program ensuring ongoing motivation of client base.


Client segmentation

As a separate work stream, we analyzed betting history, transactional and online behavior data from sportsbook. As a result we were able to classify customer base into several categories and identify segments with the biggest potential for improvement.


Architecture redesign

As a next step we have redesigned architecture and developed and integrated new modular core system including bets bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, inventory, customer care or document management    


Review of current system and functional specification of new features

We have started by mapping new needs of our client and understanding what system components will have to be upgraded.

In line with our hands-on approach, we have not stopped our initiative by handing over theoretical materials but also supported our client throughout implementation stages. Our IT experts stayed in house with the client throughout whole integration while our business team defined roadmaps and milestones. We have also designed and run campaigns including communication templates, timing of the offers and ideal channel specifications and set up necessary reporting framework. During the implementation period client was able to continue business as usual and managed to achieved all defined goals with minimal increase of in-house efforts.


Thanks to the professional approach of joint team client now has completely new version of branch system capable to support continued growth of the company.  There are no limitations caused by technological constrains when introducing new services to customers which gives client possibility to be one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, as result of strategical stream of the project, client has witnessed double digit percentage increase of existing customer activity and significant growth in profit per customer. Since our recommendation aimed for sustainable client strategy, we were not surprised but also pleased to hear, that client is still using foundation of our initiative 3 years after project completion.