What we know:Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Companies often struggle with delivering timely, reliable forecasts and plans that align operational strategy with financial targets. This is mainly due to the over-reliance on spreadsheets for Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting (PBF), which lacks scalability, speed and data integrity (versioning errors, broken formulas, manipulating of critical values in excel, etc.)  

With strong PBF practices in place, comes:

  • Faster budgeting and more accurate forecasting
  • Real-time access to the latest information
  • Transparency and increased speed of PBF activities (data collection, reporting, etc.)
  • Clear audit trail of all changes which can help with better capital management and improve performance monitoring

Adastra Business Consulting provides best practices for budgeting, planning, and forecasting, along with complete deployment of the solution, which includes:

  • Custom-made PBF roadmap based on individual business requirements
  • Integration of data from all source systems
  • Centralization of all plans, budgets, and forecasts into a single repository
  • Comparison methodology of ACTUAL and PLAN scenarios
  • Automated real-time reporting (P&L, Balance sheet, Cash flows, KPI reports etc.)
  • Scorecard & management dashboards
  • On-premises/ Cloud-based deployment

ABC can execute and implement the most popular PBF tool on the market, IBM Cognos Planning Analytics (powered by TM1).  Implementing a PBF tool can radically transform your entire planning cycle by uncovering hidden business options and optimizing performance with:

  • Target setting and budget rollout
  • Reporting, analysis, and forecasting
  • Real-time data analysis
  • “What-if” scenario modeling
  • Version control
  • Authentication and authorization capabilities
  • Collaboration on plans, budgets, and forecasts

IBM Cognos TM1 replaces spreadsheet-only processes with full integration of multi-system data to support the planning and reporting processes. And TM1’ s powerful in-memory calculation engine, allows processing of even more data and complex calculation logic.

By implementing IBM Cognos Planning Analytics, companies can fully integrate their planning and forecasting system that connects operations with planning.

No more waiting for answers to business-critical questions.

For more on our PBF related competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Shivendra Rai,

our Subject Matter Expert for all matters related to Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting.