What we know:We Also Finished Projects on the Followint Topics

B2B Servicing Strategy

In banking, most lower-tier clients (lower turnover) balance on the brink of profitability. We help banks structure the salesforce to reflect the current status and potential of the customer.

SME Servicing Concept

Cross-Industry Partnering

Either for risk or sales purposes, we help banks, telcos, and their partners to combine their portfolios and help with x-sell and acquisitions. All of which is GDPR compliant.

cross industry cooperation concept

Dormant Portfolio Management

Banks have usually large dormant portfolios. These can be segmented and selectively targeted for successful campaigns.

Dormant portfolio example

Customer Intelligence Dashboard

Consolidated important info for branch staff to one page with smart suggestions and highlighted exceptional values. Such a tool improves branch sale performance.

Customer Intelligence Dashboard


Find connected entities – either financially connected or family members. Creating acquisition campaigns as a result.



A tool monitoring client events and in real-time triggering predefined campaigns. You can call it a digital lead management, real-time trigger campaigns, or campaign management tool. It is all of that and contains business-friendly interfaces.



Adastra Campaign Management – a relatively simple, light, low-cost tool for campaign management that can be integrated with any communication channel.

 ACM - Adastra Campaign Management

Staff Psychographic Analysis

Find out about your staff’s drive, motivation, and intentions to leave early and do actions to decrease turnover and increase job satisfaction.

Agent Balnce

For more on our competencies in the areas of Customer Value Management and how we can help you, please contact: Tomas Wolf, our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager.