What We Do:Online Lending

Online lending replaces the need to come to the branch, wait in a queue and submit the application in paper form and it can be performed from home by the client. Online lending should also focus on client behaviour and not only demographics as is the case in standard offline lending.


Main specifics of online lending


Minimal manual actions, automatic process


Flexibility – system, processes, scoring, product


Use of alternative data, high utilization of external data sources


Close cooperation of Business (product, marketing, sales) and Risk (underwriting, fraud)


Cooperation with 3rd parties (SaaS, external data, etc.)


Close to real-time data availability and reporting


Benefits for clients

No personal contact with the financial company

Customer can apply from anywhere

Customer can sign the application remotely

Alternative channels (web pages, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)

Time-to-money reduced to minutes

Accessible 24/7


Benefits for the financial institutions

Acquisition of clients from current and new segments

Possibility of later cross selling of more profitable products

Manual steps only rarely performed

Lower standard unit cost for online products than for offline


ABC has broad experience with online lending

Design of online lending processes

Fintech tools testing and usage

External data sources utilization and testing

Web analytics, web user experience

Online variables for scoring testing and selection

Platforms selections and implementation support

Assessment of the current online lending approach

Sales channels optimizations

Implementation of mobile applications and web front-ends

Successfully delivered projects for Banks, Consumer finance and Micro finance institutions (MFI)