13.11.2018Modern Data-Driven Approach in Banking and Non-banking Sector

In these days, in some markets, there can be up to 20 available external data sources including telco companies, card issuing companies, external analytical companies, government registers, social networks and e-shops. Additionally, in case of on-line lending there are data collected from customer devices (behavioural and technical data about applicants and their devices gathered on through a gateway during loan application process), the value of which needs to be assessed.

These need to be constantly analysed from quality, information value and cost-efficiency. If done properly it can improve a fraud scorecard, leading to a significant decrease of risk on a highly fraudulent online lending portfolio with a simultaneous decrease of costs related to usage of the external data.

Adastra Business Consulting is proudly announcing that on 22nd November we will be organising a workshop panel on this year’s




On this workshop, we would like to talk about this as well as other topics on “Modern data-driven approach in Banking/Non-banking sector”

Topics to be covered:

  • Importance of Data management and quality
  • Alternative data sources, digital/online data
  • Standard Data-warehouse/Data-mart vs. Big-data/Hadoop
  • How business will benefit from improved data management
  • Examples from real practice.

Join our Miroslav Kolar and Maksim Demenkov on 22nd November from 16:00 to 17:00