03.05.2017External Data Utilization in Asia

There are many ways, how to get access to useful external data, that can keep risk of your online lending business on reasonable level. The equation that needs to be solved is which data sources to invest in, how to optimize usage costs and maximize the value for the decision-making processes.


While working for our Asian client, we went through data from more than 20 available external data sources including telco companies, card issuing companies, external analytical companies, government registers, social networks and e-shops. Additionally, we assessed value of behavioral and technical data about applicants and their devices gathered on through a gateway during loan application process. Based on consecutive analyses of data quality, information value and cost-efficiency, we were able to improve a fraud scorecard, leading to significant decrease of risk on a highly fraudulent online lending portfolio with a simultaneous decrease of costs related to usage of the external data.


ABC enabled our customer to proceed with tens of millions of decisions per year, which are now being made with a greater certainty and even more profitably.