22.03.2017Gross Income Leakage: New Tool for Changing Market

Last years in banking have been characterized by low interest rates. As a consequence, new bookings yield lower income and not even the sheer volume of new bookings can compensate for the decreasing interest income. To compensate, banks are looking for others sources of income.

To answer the demand, Adastra Business Consulting (ABC) has developed the Gross Income Leakage Improvement Methodology which improves efficiency of charged fees.

With our signature hands on approach, we can deliver results in 6 week. Project is usually divided into four parts:

  1. Hypotheses Creation: Formulating hypothesis regarding incorrectly charged on non-charged fees
  2. Analyses of Data: Confirming/declining initial hypothesis by deep-dive look into the fee data
  3. Business Case Preparation: Estimate of the potential revenue from approved improvements
  4. Implementation: Practical elimination of fee and commission leakages

Our client in Czech Republic has already benefited from the improvements. Shouldn’t you too?


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