09.04.2019Corporate Data Enrichment Tool

In the past year, working with Corporate and SME Relationship Managers in the CEE and SEE region, we’ve come to realise how manual and inefficient can the prospecting and monitoring process in the financial industry be. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with our colleagues at Adastra and developed a solution that solves the issue of lead list creation, portfolio monitoring, offer matching, and unintentionally also helps RMs with productivity.

By mixing internal data with external data from our partner Bisnode, CoDET (Corporate Data Enrichment Tool) creates short, precise lead list fast, gets relevant info to RMs more quickly, cuts through the noise, boosting productivity as a side effect.

Efficiency of Corporate Sales Was Improved 8x

 Extraordinary results in increased efficiency of such magnitude as 800% improved density of a target list and 300% improved sales results of the department, don't come around often. Consequently, we've put together a system with our colleagues @Adastra Czech Republic and @Bisnode that improves sales and servicing of corporate and SME clients. We’ve already made first business breakfast with top banks in the Czech Republic attending (and one already have it installed).

How do we do it?

By mixing external data, gathered by our partner @Bisnode, and internal data with predictors and transactional behavior, we created a potent cocktail for corporate and SME sales and servicing.

How did we get there? Our projects got us to realize that the situation among our clients is very similar when it comes to managing sales and servicing for corporate and SME segments. In short, lead lists take long to generate, aren't very precise, and the relationship manager has to figure out what to do with it. Furthermore, the official changes in the management of large corporates come late, not to mention periodical checks and reviews.

So what the solution does?

The system processes internal and external data daily, weekly, and monthly and searches for hints via triggers, similarities, and free text analyses. High probability cases are categorized, and actions applied.

How does it work?

Now, we install it on-premise or in the cloud. So far it is not a service, but a solution that requires preparation and integration of internal data and mixes them with external.

How can I try?

Just click here and get in contact. The rest is tailored to your needs.

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