What We Do:Manufacturing and Distribution

Everybody speaks about Industry 4.0 today, yet many manufacturing companies are far away from it. We offer heavy expertise within all areas that Industry 4.0 entails – digitalization, big data utilization for process improvement, mobile application development, artificial intelligence usage, etc.

What differentiates us from the others is the drive towards the implementation. We never deliver “just” some strategy paper with clever advice, which might be impossible to implement. We are down to earth, with focus on implementing practical solutions, collecting several quick wins (= improvements that bring value, but are not expensive to implement), instead of changing the company upside down without taking into account its business and IT landscape and limitations.

For manufacturing companies, Adastra Business Consulting has significant experience, both in improving the existing operations through digitalization and big data utilizations, as well as design and proposition of brand-new business models. Some of the areas of our expertise within industrial production companies are listed below. Check our case studies to see several concrete examples of our projects.