CareerJob Interview Hints

We are looking for self-confident independently thinking individuals with own (fact supported) opinions. Nevertheless we understand that a job interview can be a stressful experience, and that’s why we prepared these 7 simple rules for successful interview at ABC.


Understand the problem at hand

Make sure that you understand which problem you are supposed to solve.


Ask Questions

The set up of the case study is usually quite basic. Unless you ask relevant questions, you will not have enough information to tackle it.


Verify your understanding

Verify the information that you receive – human interaction is prone to misunderstandings; rephrase what you have heard, verify that we see things that same way.


Structure the problem

Before you delve into the detailed analysis and calculations, tell us how you will structure the problem in general. For example to tackle an investment decision problem, tell us that you will compare the benefits and the cost over the next few years and also the main categories of the benefits and costs that you see....


Let us know your thoughts

Not only relating to the overall problem structure but also, for example, to a set of questions related to a topic indicating to us how they relate to the overall problem.


Work with numbers

We like to see that you are comfortable working with numbers, stating that alternative A is more expensive than alternative B is not enough unless you have processed the numbers behind each of them. At the same time, we will accept it if you simplify the calculations as long as you do not sacrifice the accuracy of your answer.


Use common sense

You need to be able to judge for yourself if your conclusions make sense. Would you put your money into what you are recommending?
The final step of the case interview is your presentation of the results. You will be given a few minutes to prepare a few slides summarizing your recommendations and the key information that you have received.