CareerHiring process

Our hiring process is simple. Only three rounds of case interviews. In each of the rounds you will meet one of our consultants, your potential future colleagues who will briefly review your background, and then proceed with 2-3 case studies. Regarding your personal background, you should be prepared to discuss in detail items from your CV and demonstrate how they relate to the traits that we are looking for in good candidates: Drive, Direction, and Diligence.


The case interview is designed to let you test your analytical skills in a real life situation and for us to simulate a situation of having you as represent us on a client assignment. What is important for us is not the actual result, but how you go about analysing the situation, asking the right questions, maintaining  communication with us, building and testing hypotheses, presenting your conclusions to us, and, obviously, along the way, handling stress of the unknown, of mistakes that you make, and the stress of a new situation.


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