Bookmaking Optimization

Selection of sport events and bet types, odds setting mechanisms, odds real-time adjustment mechanisms, global and individual limit settings, volume monitoring and early warning system design and implementation.


Client Segmentation and Bet Scoring

Identification of main client segments and recommended actions to incentivize activity, Limit settings for client segments, blacklisting, definition, development and implementation of bet scoring with prescribed actions for respective scores.


Anti-fraud and Client Verification

Design of client verification procedure compliant with local regulations. External fraud monitoring, detection prevention and deterrence. Internal fraud detection and prevention. AML solution assessment.


Reporting and Data Analysis

Definition and automation of essential regular reports for various levels of sportbook stakeholders. Identification of profitable and unprofitable segments with recommended actions. Management of Point of Sales. Real time volume monitoring and monitoring of linked events.



Review of customer support schemes and channels, communication automation, capacity planning and optimization, Organizational structure and KPI definition, Review and streamlining of key processes.


System Support

Review of system architecture including both back-end and front end parts. Business and technical functionality specification. Vendor selection assistance. Change management procedure. Data Mart and Data warehouse design. Assessment and implementation of external data sources.


Marketing and Loyalty Management

Strategies for new client acquisition including both online and offline marketing, ATL, BTL TTL campaign definition, New client incentive scheme design, Incentive scheme and campaign for inactive clients, brand awareness and brand promotion activities, Up-sell and X-sell strategies and campaigns, CLV and retention model design and implementation, Loyalty program definition including player tiers, player benefits and player campaigns