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End-to-end POS Loan Business Set-up

Having clear and easy way to access financing options at the point of sale increases the likelihood that a consumer will make a retail purchase.

POS loans have been around for a long time, for example in housing or car retail sectors. However, technological advances, mainly instant and online money transfers have made it possible for all retail sectors.

POS financing implementation is relevant for retail as well as for the finance sectors. Adastra Business Consulting delivers the complete business set up for both of them.


of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if a simple and seamless payment plan is offered (Citizens Bank research, US 2018)

How Will a POS Financing Solution Help In The Retail Sector?

Simple, instanteneous and flexible POS financing with reasonable approval rate will improve your sales results and customer loyalty:


How Will a POS Financing Solution Help In The Banking Sector?

Entering or broadening your presence in the POS financing market should be a priority if looking for:


Our Services

We help banks, retailers and technology companies with end to end set-up online and offline consumer POS financing processes based on their specific needs. From strategic goals defintion through business process set-up in key POS financing areas (including Sales, Risk, Finance, CRM, Customer service, IT)  to technical delivery.