What we know:Corporate Data Enrichment Tool - CoDET

We bring selected functionalities from retail to the SME and corporate worlds. CoDET is a tool that aims to address the top issues in today’s B2B sales.

  • Information sources centralization
  • Target list precision and timeliness
  • Risk assessment
  • Client – offer matching and product ranking
  • Precise servicing triggers and suggested actions


How do we do it? Mixing internal and external sources of data and using a variety of smart algorithms and models, we can address all of the issues mentioned above.


Implemented by our clients, we were able to increase the density of relevant prospects in a target list by 800% (yes 8x higher); and the sold volumes increased by 300% (measured in champion-challenger mode).


How is it done? We don’t just throw algorithms at you, we first listen and diagnose where are your strengths and play into them. Are the relationship managers active in selling to municipalities? We need to look at public-benefit corporations who require funding in times of development, redevelopment, buying new machinery, equipment, or vehicles. Are your relationship managers into construction? We can investigate government, regional, municipal, or European planning, grants, and tenders. We find not only companies in the bidding, but also all transactional-connected entities. By other words, smart technology must support your competitive advantages.


CoDET Principles


CORPORATE AND SME SALES | Improvement of Targeted Campaigns and Servicing

Our client, a major bank in the Czech Republic, has realized the potential of data utilization for SME and corporate sales purposes. Initially, our task was to build the machine, but as we ventured into the project, it became a significant transformation.


The issues addressed weren’t only the accuracy and speed of lead lists, but also in monitoring and validity of monitored triggered events. The whole system was built, models prepared, data mapped and normalized, output data integrated into CRM.


The best result wasn’t the improved lead list, or triggers, but the advocacy of Relationship Managers. The ones participating in the project did the selling of the solution to all the other RMs. Hence, the adaptation of the tool and handover was rather quick, and a year later, we knew that our pilot group improved results 3x to the remaining pool of RMs.


For more on our competencies in the areas of Corporate and SME Data Enrichment and how we can help you, please contact: Tomas Wolf, our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager.