What we know:Campaign Management and CRM

Campaign management, along with credit risk, is our first competency. Starting with simple PtB models, we now grew to control the full process end-to-end. Client-product matching, channel selection, time-of-day selection, counterpart matching, and daily re-processing to optimize the x-sell effort and resources.


For call center optimization, please see the relevant section.


One of the advantages of ABC is the understanding of Risk, and hence, we can review eligibility, scoring, limit setting, and other related topics. Handle x-sell and campaign management


Analytically (aside from Client Lifetime Value – described elsewhere), we are able to handle simple PtB (one product, many clients), next-best-offer/action (NBO, NBA) when we have many products to many clients, triggered events – very focused, high probability events resulting in x-sell response, to lifetime value management (described elsewhere on this web).


Aside from target market selection, we cover product-to-client matching, communication strategy, processes design and optimization, roles and responsibilities, system support and business requirements gathering, metrics and KPI definitions, motivation definition and testing, and reporting design and implementation.


Campaing effectiveness


CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT | Improving Conversions for One Big Consumer Finance Company

A leading Czech consumer finance company employed ABC team to review their current X-sell process, identify areas for improvement, and propose quick wins. As a result, ABC has analyzed the methods throughout CRM, Risk, Inbound, and Outbound Call Center with a total potential increase in the booked volume of more than 10 million EUR/year.


In Risk, new A++ Risk segment was introduced for customers having zero product, limit calculation postponed to better reflect due date, and predicting variables have been adjusted.

Utilization of communication channels for x-sell campaigns was changed to reflect the overall ROI of the specific channels.

PtB model was developed, and targeting strategy has changed from random to data-driven.

KPI for a minimum Offer Rate was introduced as well as a proposal for extending the working hours for full-time employees.

KPI for minimum talk time was introduced.


Increase in booked volume by +10 mio. EUR/year

Improved targeting using the PtB model leads to 94% of customers converted with 60% of current costs.

Introduction of KPIs on the productivity level for S2S and Outbound CC. Reduction of KPIs for non-beneficiary activities.

For more on our competencies in the areas of Customer Value Management and how we can help you, please contact: Tomas Wolf, our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager.