CareerYou need to believe in your potential

Every single senior expert or manager at Adastra Business Consulting (ABC) joined the company as a junior and has built his career from there. It was through resilience, willpower and thanks to the support provided by the company, colleagues and positively challenging environment.

You need to expect these things from your job

I want to be working with highest level of management in international financial institutions

 In a matter of months you can be assigned on a project where communication with bank board members is expected.

I do not want to work for anonymous corporation.

 In ABC, you will work in a very friendly atmosphere with flat hierarchy and daily access to top management.

I want to learn more about Business Intelligence.

 You will learn how data mining, statistical analysis and reporting drive decisions within companies.


When the time comes, I want to be an expert

ABC will gives you career opportunity which will make you a respected expert in your chosen field in 2 years.


I want to see the world and know different cultures

You will get the opportunity to work abroad and taste the culture and cuisine of many countries including destinations like China, Kazakhstan or Vietnam.


I want to keep “up-to-date” knowledge

 You will learn modern trends and technologies driving financial business e.g. big data, online lending, FinTech solutions.

What your first project might look like?

Top Bank in Russia

Imagine a big Russian bank having serious problems with unpaid loans. Your task is simple: suggest how to fix it :) Don't worry, you are accompanied by a senior colleague.

  • First you need to find out how key business processes work, a couple of interviews need to be carried out.

  • Gathering and analyzing huge amounts of data will help you to understand where the bad loans are concentrated. Discussions with IT might be necessary here.

  • Logical combination of previous points helps you to identify what are the major process gaps. You suggest a practical and implementable solution how to fix them.

  • Final step is a "piece of cake" - you present your solution to the client in English or Russian. And then, you're done, you'll love it ;)


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