What We Know:Underwriting

Underwriting is a core business of every retail bank. And a core know-how of ABC. Typical ABC approach is to completely review loan origination and risk management process for the client, identify the gaps and provide recommendations for each of the reviewed area including roadmap for further implementation. We can support the quick win solutions implementation to cover the main gaps immediately.

Online lending business has its specific issues and hence needs efficient information gathering and segmentation to produce an optimized process. ABC combines standard and new data approach to design quick and reliable UW and scoring processes, while not hampering the smooth customer experience.

ABC possesses robust knowledge in Underwriting and covers majority of topics related to credit approval process:


Process review:


  • Organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Credit approval process (client entry data, data collection, application system, decision making)
  • Lending process optimization (centralization, TTY/TTD...)


Credit policy review:


  • Product parameters validation
  • KO criteria
  • Application of external data into the UW process
  • Verification process and document check
  • Scoring and its application into UW


Risk pattern analysis:


  • Portfolio analyses focused on risk patterns and profiles
  • Analysis of default root cause
  • Validation of pricing applied
  • Risk adjusted pricing


Monitoring and reporting:


  • Control and monitoring of lending process
  • Risk reports (Velocity, Vintage reporting, Overrides...)
  • Fraud detection and reporting
  • Portfolio performance and dynamics
  • Profitability measurement

ABC is managing UW since the very beginning. We delivered more than 80 projects in UW worldwide in the past 5 years, mainly for consumer finance business, nonetheless we have experience with the whole range of lending: PI, SME, Corporate, MFI. Typical ROI of our projects exceeded 14:1.


ABC standard project outcomes:


  1. Due Diligence of existing UW process and its upgrade
  2. Preparation of a detailed “roadmap” for the implementation phase of the project
    • What can be done and how fast
    • What will be the benefits of proposed changes
    • Business case
  1. Implementation and Roll-Out including:
    • Updated process with incorporated new tools
    • Trainings and handover to local team



For more on our Underwriting competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Miroslav Kolar,

our Subject Matter Expert and Partner for all matters related to Risk Management.