What We Know:Scoring

Quantifying the risk associated with a customer is essential in risk management. The effective way of doing the same is develop a scorecard incorporating different metrices impacting the behaviour of the customer

There are type of scorecards can be developed based on the type of product and stage of application:

  • Application scorecard
  • Behavioural scorecard
  • Fraud scorecard
  • Online lending scorecard
  • Collections scorecard/Segmentation
  • EWS scoring
  • Propensity to buy models (PTB)
  • Client segmentation models
  • Next best offers model


ABC has its own methodology for scorecard development and UW & Fraud Evaluation. We have long time experience with the complete process from data gathering, through design and scorecard combination to validation and implementation. We deliver fully transparent deliverables with the full scorecard development process documented and handed over to the client with commentary.


We deliver scorecards for different client segments: Retail, Micro/SME. The scorecards can be purely statistical scorecards or expert-based scorecards (based on data availability). We typically develop scorecards in R, SAS, SPSS, but not limited to the same. We also have capabilities to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms in the scorecards if needed or requested by our clients.


ABC typical project outcomes:


  • Data preparation: Data gathering (application, Credit bureau (CB) and internal data – credit & transactional) and review of the data

  • Data Analysis and Business Discussions: Quick data analysis – portfolio, credit bureau and other sources. Discussion of possible segmentation from business point of view

  • Datamart Preparation: Data transformation to receive variables for modelling

  • Scorecard Development: Building scoring models and piloting

  • Documentations and Trainings: Documentation of how the data were collected, processed and used for modelling, results of the model, final score card design, code to be used for score card implementation, training materials for the scorecards development process


For more or our risk scoring competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Maksim Demenkov,

our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager for all matters related to Scoring.