What We Know:Outbound Centre Optimization

Outbound call centres consist of three key elements – people, platform and process connecting them. Their proper alignment is the only way to unlock the full benefit and reach optimal productivity and efficiency which can lead up to 50% efficiency improvement.

 In our framework, the people dimension covers the whole HR management, KPIs, incentives, monitoring, onboarding and training, communication and quality management. The platform then covers all tools used including the dialer, CRM, contact management, chatbot, voicebot, RPA robots. And then comes the process itself, which is the most complicated of those three, and covers everything from customers call list selection, contact process and reporting up to dialer setup and reporting. Only an optimal combination of all three dimensions brings the desired benefit.

 We have delivered numerous projects in outbound centre optimization Europe and Asia. Our projects typically start with a few weeks long thorough review of the specified area of sales, service or collections call centre. By applying our Outbound Call Centre Framework, main tangible recommendations and quick wins are identified and in cooperation with the customer also implemented. At the end of such project, clear next steps are set to continue with mid-term and long-term improvements.


ABC standard project outcomes:

ABC offers complete solutions to outbound centre optimization so that it can run at its maximum capacity delivering desired output:


Outbound Contact Centre Health check

  • Heatmap of the whole contact centre focused on identification of tangible and specific recommendations that can be easily implemented but also strategic observation that will bring in the long term.


People area improvement:

  • HR management redesign (KPI review and redesign, org. chart optimization, call center governance)

  • Quality management setup, Training setup

  • Reporting and monitoring design and development

Process area improvement:

  • Dialing strategy improvement: Call list ordering, Buffer management, prime time optimization, redial strategies, call number scoring, call numbers optimization

  • Target/Calling list selection review and improvement – AI based customer selection, customer prioritization, PtB/Collections scoring models development and implementation, buffer definition

Platform area improvement:

  • Auto dialer deployment A to Z – Vendor selection, business process design, integration, project management, pilot launch

  • Voicebot and Chatbot deployment

  • Robotization of repeated processes


Piloting and Implementation

  • Formalization of pilots – champion and challenger definition, samples selection, challenger process implementation, training, reporting

  • Pilot design and management

  • Pilot oversight, evaluation and launch


For more on our Outbound Call centre related competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Jiri Matousek,

our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager for all matters related to Call Centres Optimization.