What We Know:Early Warning System

Similar to early warnings in disaster management a well-designed Early Warning System helps senior managements in financial institutions to identify risks at nascent stage and forecast events likely to negatively affect the organization.

An EWS system is essential for both retail and corporate banks to improve categorization of clients based on their risk and to increase control over the portfolio.

ABC has hands-on experience with EWS process development and improvement (Underwriting and Collections processes, Scorecards development EWS, Portfolio evaluation, Client servicing, Data management). We have delivered over 80 projects within Sales, Marketing and Risk area, where EWS process review/setup/redesign was a significant part of the delivery


We partner with our clients in the entire process of EWS set up starting from review of existing processes to developing, implementing and monitoring the EWS system:



  • Detailed review of business processes in relation to available and future EWS solutions.

  • Overview of available as well as needed data to cover the needs of EWS.


Design and Implementation of EWS:

  • Ideal set of signals design (group) and adjustment to local subsidiaries

  • Calculation logic and categories design (group and local subsidiaries)

  • Strategies design, action items for each category

  • Whole process design (people, KPIs, monitoring, data gathering management)

  • Support of EWS implementation through IT system (local DWH & EFS)


EWS Reporting:


  • Reporting/monitoring implementation support and validation


For more or our EWS competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Maksim Demenkov,

our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager for all matters related to EWS.