What We Know:Customer Service Chatbot

In the current digital age, the customers are becoming increasingly demanding, they want immediate answers to their questions, and directly from their favorite platforms. How can companies cater to these expectations while reducing customer service workforce by 80%?

ABC helps their clients to implement customer service chatbots. That is, a computer software technology that allows to automate the answering of text or voice inquiries. The chatbot is trained specifically for the company’s needs, to understand customers’ inquiries and to respond with the most adapted answers. By linking the chatbot to the company’s databases, the chatbot is able to answer questions requiring personal data. In past, our chatbots have resulted in total reduction of chats, leading to a call, by 80%.

This solution allowed our clients to connect with its customers directly on mobile and web platforms and take advantage of the decreased call volume, by focusing on solving more complex cases better.


Examples of ABC standard project outcomes:


  • Business requirements for chatbot

  • Mapping of the queries, their analysis and prioritization

  • Fully functioning implemented chatbot solution, answering customer-specific questions from multiple platforms


  • Business needs definition

  • Selection of the most appropriate chatbot vendor according to the customer’s specific business, IT and security needs.

  • Assisting with the implementation and the training of the chatbot.


For more on our inbound Call centre related competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Jiří Matoušek,

our Subject Matter Expert and Engagement Manager for all matters related to Chatbots.